Marasem Co. First & Ltd.

Pioneer in the field of sterilization generators and air purification with ozone.

About us

Marasem Co. First & Ltd. has been providing its commercial services for years in addition to the experience to verify sterilization using ozone generators, and collect and analyze data so that you can prove the effectiveness of the cleaning and sterilization programs for your facility or home and prevent infections and viruses.

What is ozone?

Ozone is a way to clean the environment. Ozone is more effective at removing pollutants and odors, and is a powerful oxidant that kills lower organisms such as bacteria, molds and viruses.

The importance of sterilization generators and ozone air purification

Sterilization generators and ozone air purification can be defined as the devices that remove particles and other pollutants from indoor air, and using it at home helps to achieve a set of things:

Breathe better

help people breathe better; As families usually include smokers, in addition to pets, which leads to the spread of unpleasant and annoying odors in the home.

Remove odors and viruses

Removing various odors, dust, smoke, animal dander, and almost all viruses from the air, and without them, the house becomes a place for dust and viruses to accumulate, and thus various health problems spread in it.

remove pollutants

remove all pollutants in the air that the vacuum cleaner cannot remove; This device gets rid of all these pollutants, and helps people who suffer from asthma, allergies, and any other respiratory problem to feel comfortable.

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