Learn about our products of sterilization generators and ozone air purification

Smart ozone generator 200g/h

The intelligent PLC controlled ozone generator features a unique intelligent power system. Accurate quantitative ozone output ensures that all kinds of processes are economical and real, such as food processing process, waste water treatment, sterilization process or chemical processing. And the ozone generator is provided with automatic alarm system and more than 20 protection functions, ensuring comprehensive protection while working. In addition, it effectively supports the prevention of incorrect work to avoid possible damage.

CH-100MG Ozone Machine

CH-JY200MG Ozone Generator

We offer two different types of small ozone generators, which are palm-sized and can be used anywhere from homes, hotel rooms, cars, offices and other rooms. The ozone yield is 100mg/hr. and 200mg/hr. With low energy consumption and low noise, portable ozone generators have a long service life and effectively carry out air purification and odor and germs removal, etc.

1-10g/h Portable Ozone Generator

CH-DP - Portable Ozone Generator

CH-BP - Portable Ozone Generator

3g/5g/6g/7g portable ozone generator for deodorization and air purification and sterilization. Available in models in 3g, 5g, 6g and 7g ozone production per hour with productivity adjustable from 20% to 100%. All of our oxygen generators, including office ozone generator, DP and BP series of ozone generators, are CE certified. We can also provide customers with ozone generators upon request.

Ozone generator 1kg/h and more

It is a large oxygen generating machine used in industrial treatment, air purification and waste water treatment through the use of vertical tower tank generators. With large volume of ozone density and long processing time, this ozone generator is fast and effective in treating waste water and removing organic components, and it is frequently used in chemical, petroleum, papermaking and textile industries.