About us

Who is Marasem Co. First & Ltd.? And what do we do?

Company introduction

Marasem Co. First & Ltd. has been providing its commercial services for years in addition to the experience to verify sterilization using ozone generators, and collect and analyze data so that you can prove the effectiveness of the cleaning and sterilization programs for your facility or home and prevent infections and viruses. The company also focuses on developing ozone equipment and accessories used for sterilization and disinfection in multiple applications such as removing bad odors and viruses in hotel rooms and homes. We guarantee that the demand for sterilization generators and ozone air purification will be meet throughout the Country. Customized ozone generators can be designed and manufactured using different software and online monitoring systems or with different specifications to meet all your different requests. We guarantee you high quality and excellent service as they are the key to our success and our team provides customized sterilization and disinfection solutions. We use tests to ensure consistency and quality of our final products. We also instruct our customers on the use of new ozone generators to ensure proper operation. We invite you to contact us to order or inquire about sterilization generators, which improve the environment and create a clean and safe space.

Why will we use sterilization generators and ozone air purification?

The world is witnessing a great change in the ways of dealing with work environments and the tools that are being used directly. With this change and concern, many people, whether employees, decision makers, clients, or even people in their homes, believe that the place in which they move and live is clean and has no pollution, and that the quality of the cleaning process, the materials that are used and the tools used are appropriate, effective and highly efficient, and this belief reaches absolute confidence, which may cause the spread of diseases or the transmission of infection, and the reason for this is the quality of the cleaning process. Sterilization generators and ozone air purification are among the latest devices that are used to raise air quality and to provide a clean and new environment in the area where these devices are used. The devices use the method of natural processes without any external additives of materials or chemical preparations. The mechanism of the devices work is simply based on keeping the surrounding air clean and free of impurities and allows for easy inhalation of fresh air. The technology used by these devices makes breathing in poorly ventilated spaces easier, cleaner, healthier and free of odor-causing components.